Which country plays the most padel?

Globally, the padel movement has always attracted much attention, and recent statistics show that Spain and Argentina have become the two countries with the largest number of padel athletes, with 3.7 million and 2.1 million padel athletes respectively.

Which country plays the most padel?

As a country with a strong football culture in Spain, it may be difficult for people to imagine that padel can be so popular here. However, the latest figures reveal a surprising fact: Spain has produced approximately 3.7 million padel athletes. The surge in numbers marks padel's booming growth in the Mediterranean country, showing the level of love and participation in the sport.

Likewise, Argentina is also known for its unique sporting culture, but padel's meteoric rise in the South American country is equally impressive. Argentina now has approximately 2.1 million padel athletes, a number that demonstrates the country's strong interest and commitment to padel.

Which country plays the most padel?

The growing trend of padel sports in these two countries has attracted the attention of the international sports community. People have speculated that the reason for this phenomenon may be the popularization of padel projects, the continuous improvement of infrastructure construction, or the development of the sports training system.

Whatever the cause, the padel craze in Spain and Argentina has breathed new life into the sport's growth around the world. As more and more people join the padel family, we have reason to look forward to seeing more countries join this exciting sport in the future.

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