UNIPADEL - Classic Padel Court


The dimensions of the classic Padel Court are 10 meters wide and 20 meters long, complying with the standards of the International Padel Federation (FIP). This structure not only provides good visibility, but also ensures the safety of the game and the rebound effect of the ball. The design of the classic padel court may not necessarily include modern C-shaped lamp posts, but to accommodate the needs of night games, traditional upright lamp posts are usually installed. These lamp posts are usually arranged at the four corners or both sides of the court to ensure uniform lighting effects and enable the court to be used normally at night. Its design has been proven for many years to provide the best sports experience.

Colors Structure

UNIPADEL - Classic Padel Court
UNIPADEL - Classic Padel Court
UNIPADEL - Classic Padel Court
UNIPADEL - Classic Padel Court
UNIPADEL - Classic Padel Court
UNIPADEL - Classic Padel Court

Technical Details

UNIPADEL - Classic Padel Court


Width: 10 meters | Length: 20 meters

Tempered Glass

18PC of 12 mm Tempered Glass

Galvanized Structure

All the raw material from our structure is Hot Galvanized. Steel Grade: Q235B

All the parts that are welded and perfurated go through an extra Zinc Treatment

Hot Galvanized raw material with extra ZINC Treatment after all process


Hot Galvanized raw material with extra ZINC treatment after all the process Electro welded mesh with 50 x 50 x 4mm

Artificial Grass

Fibrillated polypropylene artificial turf fiber with progressive fibrillation alignment model

Pile height: 12mm

Yarn Dtex: 9500 Dtex

Infill: Sand 

Colours: Blue, Red and Green

Lighting System

Working voltage: AC220V

Power: 200W

Luminous efficiency: ≥120LM/W

Power factor: ≥0.95

Lamp bead color temperature: 5700K

Color rendering index: Ra70

Light source type: SMD 3030

Protection class: IP65

Working Temperature: – 25ºC ~ +45ºC

Grass Types Used


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