French Project

When a French customer visits our company, the cooperation process of discussing and finalizing the padel court order is exciting. We warmly welcomed the customer party and demonstrated our many years of experience and expertise in the field of sports flooring. During the meeting, we introduced the characteristics of the padel court in detail, as well as the high-quality materials and advanced technology provided by our company.

French ProjectCustomers showed great interest in our products and raised a series of questions and requests. We patiently answered their doubts and listened to their customization needs. After an in-depth discussion and analysis, we have agreed on the details and specifications of the order.

French Project

Then, we acted quickly and provided the customer with a detailed order confirmation document, clarifying the delivery time, specification requirements and related terms. Customers are impressed by our efficiency and professionalism, and expressed their willingness to cooperate with us.

French ProjectAfter the cooperation was reached, we went all out and started the production and production of the order. Throughout the production process, we maintain close communication with customers and give timely feedback on progress. This highly transparent and interactive way of cooperation reassures the client of the progress of the project and deepens the trust between us.

In the end, we finished the production of the padel court on time and carried out strict quality checks to ensure that every detail meets the customer's requirements. Subsequently, we arranged fast and safe transportation to ensure that the goods can safely arrive at the designated place of the French customer.

French ProjectThis cooperation is not just an order, but also the starting point for us to establish a long-term partnership with French customers. Through professional services and high-quality products, we have successfully met the needs of our customers, won their trust and satisfaction, and laid a solid foundation for future cooperation.

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