What kind of glass does padel court use? Why?

Padel court usually uses strengthened glass or tempered glass. This glass material has a variety of superior properties and is suitable for use in the padel court wall design. Below is a detailed description of the properties of tempered glass and why it is used.

Glass types and properties
1. Strengthened glass (tempered glass)High strength: The tempered glass used by GZUNIAPDEL has undergone a special heat treatment process and has a standard thickness of 12mm. Its strength is 4-5 times higher than ordinary glass. It can withstand greater impact and pressure and is not easily broken.

What kind of glass does padel court use? Why?

Safety: Our factory-made tempered glass even when broken by a huge impact, the tempered glass will break into small particles without forming sharp fragments, thus reducing the risk of injury to players and spectators.

Transparency: High transparency ensures that viewers can watch the game clearly from all angles without affecting their line of sight.

Weather Resistance: Tempered glass is resistant to harsh weather conditions such as strong winds, rain, snow, and temperature changes, and is not easily damaged by environmental factors.


Reason for use
1. Security
The way tempered glass breaks is its main safety advantage. When it breaks, it forms small obtuse-angled particles, reducing the risk of injury to athletes and spectators. This safety feature is especially important for a high-intensity sport like padel.

What kind of glass does padel court use? Why?

2. Durability
In padel games, the ball often hits the wall at high speed. The high strength of tempered glass allows it to withstand these impacts without breaking easily. In addition, its weather resistance allows it to maintain stable performance in various weather conditions and is less susceptible to environmental influences.

3. Visual effects
Highly transparent tempered glass ensures that spectators can clearly watch the game from any angle, improving the viewing experience. The transparent glass walls also make the court look more modern and beautiful, helping to improve the overall visual effect of the venue.

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