What are padel court walls made of?

Padel Court is one of the representative venues of sports. Its unique design and construction make it a safe, reliable and aesthetically pleasing competition venue. The walls of the stadium use advanced materials and processes to ensure the safety of players and spectators and provide a good visual experience.

What are padel court walls made of?

The walls of padel courts are made of glass or metal mesh. This design not only ensures that the boundaries of the court are clearly visible, but also effectively prevents players from being injured due to collisions. The glass walls are highly transparent, allowing spectators to watch the game clearly, while the metal mesh is elastic and can absorb the force of collisions, mitigating possible injuries.

Course fencing is made of steel or chain link. This material is strong and durable and can effectively isolate the court from the surrounding environment and prevent outside interference from the game. Steel fences have a stable structure and are not easily damaged by external forces, while chain link fences are flexible and can adapt to different shapes and sizes of courts.

What are padel court walls made of?

In addition to safety, Padel Stadium also pays attention to lighting issues for night games. In order to ensure that the game can still be played at night and at night, and to ensure good visual effects, professional lighting devices have been installed around the stadium. These devices are usually mounted on tall poles that cover the entire court and are controlled by an electrical system to adjust the brightness and direction of the light to meet the needs of the game.

Therefore, the design of the padel stadium wall fully considers the needs of both safety and viewing. Walls made of glass or metal mesh and fences made of steel or chain links ensure the safety and stability of the court, while professional lighting devices ensure that the game can still proceed smoothly at night.

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