Tennis newest competitor - Padel

A group of Chilean investors teamed up with a Mexican company that has 20 padel courts but aims to reach 100+ within three years. With the effect of more padel clubs and the expansion of its service scope, this sport will continue to be popular for several years or even ten years. The rise of padel, a new sport, has led to an influx of players and investors. The sport, popular in Europe, the Middle East, and South and North America, is rapidly spreading across the globe.

Tennis newest competitor - Padel

Investors also saw the potential business opportunities behind padel and invested in the construction of padel clubs and stadiums, taking advantage of the growing popularity of cricket as a fun leisure activity. Although the construction of the padel court is still in the testing stage, it is foreseeable that more venues will need to be built in the future to meet the growing demand. It is predicted that the number of new padel courts opened each year is expected to grow at an astonishing 30% rate, which fully reflects investors' high recognition of the potential of this field.

Of particular note is the rapid spread of the padel sport across different regions. From the traditional tennis powerhouses in Europe to emerging markets in the Middle East and South America, padel has gained wide support and recognition. This kind of international influence across football fields has further prompted investors to turn their attention to the field of padel, hoping to get a share of this huge potential market.

Tennis newest competitor - Padel

In general, padel, as an emerging sport that combines attractiveness, competitiveness and investment potential, is rapidly becoming a popular choice worldwide. The influx of players and investors has injected vitality into the development of padel and brought new business opportunities to the sports industry. With the continuous increase of the number of padel courses, this sport is bound to set off a greater upsurge in the world and become one of the important highlights in the field of sports.

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