Technology of Padel Court Pillars

The design and construction of padel courts have many unique technical requirements, especially the design and technology of the pillars are crucial because they not only support the net and glass wall of the court, but also affect the safety of the court and the fairness of the game. The following are the key technical details of the padel court pillars.

Material Selection
The pillars of the padel court are usually made of Hotdip galvanized steel pipe, imported polyester powder spraying,
Steel Grade: Q235. These materials have excellent strength and corrosion resistance and can withstand long-term outdoor use environments. In addition, the materials need to have sufficient toughness to withstand impact and vibration to ensure the stability and safety of the court.

Technology of Padel Court Pillars

Design Specifications

The design of padel court pillars must meet the standards of the International Padel Federation (FIP). These standards include the height, diameter and wall thickness of the pillars to ensure the structural stability of the entire court. Usually, the height of the pillars is about 3 meters in order to support the net and glass wall and provide sufficient height to limit the flight path of the ball.

Installation and Fixing

The installation and fixing of the pillars is one of the key technologies. The columns are usually fixed to the concrete foundation by embedded parts or anchor bolts to ensure their stability. During installation, it is necessary to ensure the verticality and accurate position of the columns to ensure the correct installation and use of the net and glass wall. At the same time, the connection between the columns and the foundation needs to be waterproofed to prevent moisture from penetrating and causing rust on the columns or damage to the foundation.

Net fixing system

The columns of the padel court need to be equipped with a special net fixing system. Usually an adjustable tension system is used to adjust the tightness of the net as needed. These systems usually include pulleys, ropes and locking devices to ensure that the net can maintain appropriate tension during the game and will not be loose or too tight, affecting the fairness of the game.

Technology of Padel Court Pillars

Glass wall support

The columns of the padel court also need to support the glass wall surrounding the court. The glass wall is usually made of high-strength tempered glass to ensure transparency and safety. The columns need to provide sufficient support and stability to prevent the glass wall from moving or breaking due to impact or vibration. For this reason, the connection between the columns and the glass wall is usually designed with cushions or rubber seals to absorb impact and protect the safety of the glass wall.

Consider environmental factors

When designing and building padel court posts, local environmental factors also need to be considered. For example, areas with strong winds require enhanced stability design of the posts (customers are usually advised to use classic padel courts), while humid or coastal areas require special attention to anti-corrosion treatment. These details can effectively improve the durability and safety of the court.

The technology of padel court posts involves material selection, design specifications, installation and fixing, net fixing system, glass wall support and environmental factors. The comprehensive application of these technologies ensures the safety, stability and service life of the padel court, providing athletes with a high-quality competition environment. Through continuous technological improvement and innovation, the construction of padel courts will increasingly meet the needs of the sport and modern standards.

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