Precautions for Panoramic Padel Course Installation

Panoramic padel courts are a popular outdoor sport in recent years. Padel is not just a passing fad, but a national sport that is experiencing unprecedented growth. As a sports flooring supplier, you need to pay attention to the following key points when installing a panoramic padel court to ensure the quality of the court and user experience:

Site selection and site preparation:

Make sure you choose a level, stable site free from undulating terrain or puddles.

Considering the size of the field, the standard size of the panoramic padel court is 20 meters long and 10 meters wide.

Precautions for Panoramic Padel Course Installation

material selection:

Choosing high-quality sports flooring materials, the PE turf we offer ensures its durability and weather resistance, able to withstand various climatic conditions and frequent use. The floor surface foundation needs to have good friction to provide players with stability and flexibility while in motion.

Stadium fence and glass:

The quality of net and glass is the key to ensure the fairness of the game. Make sure the height and tension of the net used is within the specified standards. The quality of the fence should be high enough to prevent the ball from going out of bounds and ensure the safety around the court.Precautions for Panoramic Padel Course Installation

Lighting facilities:

Install bright enough lighting facilities, we provide 8pcs 200W LED lights for competition and training at night or in low light conditions.

Auditorium and facilities:

If you need to set up a club, you can consider setting up auditoriums around the venue to provide space for watching games and resting. Provide basic facilities such as toilets and drinking water facilities to improve the convenience of the stadium and user satisfaction.

Stadium Signage and Decoration:

Add the logo of the stadium, including rules, score boards, etc., so that players and spectators can understand the game situation. These are some elements that investors value very much, and increase the brand of padel. Decorative elements can be added around the field to add to the beauty and appeal of the court.

Precautions for Panoramic Padel Course Installation

Regulations and standards follow:

Ensure that the panoramic padel courts are installed in compliance with relevant local and international codes and standards to ensure court legality and safety.

The successful installation of panoramic padel courses not only depends on the quality of materials and facilities, but also needs to consider user experience and safety. Therefore, it is necessary to plan carefully, construct carefully, and make corresponding adjustments and improvements according to the actual situation.

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