Padel From Rise To Flourishing Global Craze

With the development of global sports, padel, as a unique sport, is going through different stages of development. As a padel supplier, we feel honored to be able to witness and participate in the growth and popularity of the padel sport.

Stage 1: Start and Rise (1960s to 1980s)

Padel originated in Mexico and was first introduced to Spain in the 1960s. Originally, it was considered a recreational activity, especially popular with resort and clubbers. In Mexico and Spain, the building of padel venues is a small but growing trend. In other countries, however, padel has not received widespread attention.

Padel From Rise To Flourishing Global Craze

Phase II: Promotion and Communication (1990s to 2000s)

Over time, padel began to gradually expand to other countries and regions. During the 1990s and 2000s, padel quickly spread to Latin American countries, Europe and Asia. Its simple rules and relative ease of use attract more participants. Clubs, communities and schools have built padel venues to provide people with more opportunities to contact and experience the sport.

Padel From Rise To Flourishing Global Craze

The third stage: competition and professionalization (2010s)

It is reported that among mature countries, Spain is already the top padel market. According to statistics, during 2021, the number of padel players has surpassed tennis and has become one of the most popular sports in Spain. With the promotion of padel around the world, the demand for competition and professionalism has gradually increased. Global padel leagues and competitions began to spring up, attracting top players and large crowds. Padel has also gradually been included in many multi-sport events, further increasing its popularity and recognition. At this stage, more professional players emerged, and their performance also attracted more young people to participate and pursue their dream of becoming professional padel players.

Padel From Rise To Flourishing Global Craze

Phase Four: Global Boom and Business Value (Current Period)

In fact, in Europe, although football has been a popular sport for a long time, many other star athletes have also started to join padel clubs. Some countries have also begun to invest heavily in the construction of padel courses, which has also affected the Americas and Africa. Entering the current period, padel has become one of the high-profile sports on the global sports scene. Its fast-paced games, exciting moments and unique doubles mode attracted a large audience. Major media and sports channels began broadcasting padel competitions, promoting its worldwide popularity. At the same time, padel has also become a publicity platform for many brands and sponsors, bringing more commercial value to the sport.

As padel continues to grow, our role as a sports flooring supplier becomes even more important. It has become our mission to provide high-quality padel floor materials to ensure that players can enjoy excellent performance and safe sports experience during competitions. We work together with our partners in the field of padel to promote the continued vigorous development of padel worldwide and let more people experience the fun of this unique sport full of passion and challenge.

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