Padel Court | Frame Structure

GZUNIPADEL When constructing the fence net of the board tennis court, the frame structure and the mesh structure are two key elements.

The frame structure of the padel court usually uses square tubes, which are galvanized or spray-coated to ensure its anti-corrosion, anti-rust and beautiful characteristics. Square tubes from different manufacturers vary in strength and beauty. The choice of which tube to choose depends mainly on the occasion of use and the required strength.

Padel Court | Frame Structure

The mesh structure of the fence net usually uses thicker steel wires or steel plates, which are welded or extruded. The welded mesh structure is favored for its continuity and stability, which can provide long-lasting firmness. The extruded mesh structure has good lateral rigidity and longitudinal elasticity, and can provide the required support and elasticity in different directions. According to actual use requirements, the mesh structure can also be customized to ensure that it adapts to specific site conditions and usage requirements.

Padel Court | Frame Structure

In addition to these basic structures, there is also a special structural form, namely the double-sided hook edge structure. This design can make the fence net more solid during installation, difficult to be removed or damaged, and further enhance the safety and durability of the fence.

When choosing a board tennis court fence, it is necessary to consider the specific requirements of different occasions to select the appropriate specifications and structural features. Reasonable selection can not only improve the safety of the venue, but also extend the service life of the fence and enhance its aesthetics. For example, fences used in public places require higher protection and durability, while in private venues or places with high ornamental requirements, the aesthetics and design of the fence may be more important.

Padel Court | Frame Structure

Through the reasonable selection and optimization of the frame structure and mesh structure, the efficiency and aesthetics of the fence can be achieved while meeting the use requirements. GZUNIPADEL galvanized or spray-coated square tubes provide a solid frame foundation, while the welded or extruded mesh structure ensures overall stability and elasticity. The application of double-sided hook edge structure further enhances the safety of the fence, enabling it to perform well in various use environments. By comprehensively considering these factors, the best design solution can be selected for the board tennis court fence to ensure its reliability and aesthetics in long-term use.

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