How long does a padel court last for?

If a padel court is carefully constructed and properly maintained, its service life can be as long as 15-20 years. However, for some imported courses designed for warm, dry climates, problems such as peeling, corrosion and rust may occur when faced with severe weather.

How long does a padel court last for?

GZUNIPADEL is a padel court manufacturer based in southern China. Their courts are specially designed to adapt to different climate conditions. Using high-quality steel and glass, the GZUNIPADEL stadium has unique weatherproof properties and can effectively withstand severe weather.

How long does a padel court last for?

Not only are these courses designed with durability in mind, but they also use advanced technology in their manufacturing process to ensure they are weather-resistant and effective in a variety of conditions. Therefore, choosing GZUNIPADEL courts will not only enjoy a long service life, but also remain stable and durable in the face of bad weather.

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