How high should a padel roof be?

The height of a padel tennis roof is an important design consideration that directly affects comfort, air circulation and views within the court. Generally speaking, the height of the padel tennis roof should be at least 8 meters to ensure sufficient space and ventilation inside the court. This height allows for high-arcing ball flights while also preventing players from being injured by contact with the roof.

How high should a padel roof be?

In addition, designers often choose fancier roofs due to light and views within the stadium. The higher roof of GZUNIPADEL can provide better light penetration, whether indoors or outdoors, making the interior of the stadium brighter and improving the quality and viewing pleasure of the game. Moreover, a higher roof can also provide a wider field of vision, allowing players and spectators to feel a more open and comfortable environment.

How high should a padel roof be?

When building a padel tennis court roof, taking into account factors such as light, ventilation and views, a higher roof may be more desirable. However, the specific height will also be affected by factors such as site size, surrounding environment, regulatory requirements, and budget. Therefore, various factors need to be considered during the design and construction process to ensure that the final roof height can meet actual needs and requirements. .

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