GZUNIPADEL-Padel Court installation guide!

When installing padel court posts, fences and light poles, special attention needs to be paid to the following key aspects to ensure the quality, safety and functionality of the court:

Post installation:

Make sure to choose high-quality, durable post materials such as galvanized steel or aluminum alloy to ensure good stability and durability.
Before installing uprights, the location of the uprights must be accurately measured and marked to ensure that their spacing and verticality comply with standards and regulations.
Use the appropriate tools and equipment, such as hydraulic jacks or bolts, to ensure that the posts are installed securely and vertically to support the fence and wall.

GZUNIPADEL-Padel Court installation guide!

Glass installation:

Choose high-quality tempered glass to ensure it has good transparency and impact resistance.
Use professional installation techniques and tools to ensure that the glass is installed flat and vertically without tilt or cracks.
When fixing glass, use appropriate gaskets and sealing materials to ensure the glass is secure and prevents breakage or leakage.

GZUNIPADEL-Padel Court installation guide!
Fence installation:

Before installing the fence, you must ensure that the posts have been installed and fixed so that the fence can be installed correctly.
Make sure the fence has the right amount of tension, not too loose to prevent the ball from hitting out of bounds, but not too tight to prevent excessive stress on the uprights.
Check every joint of the fence to make sure it is securely connected and will not loosen or break due to the ball hitting it.

GZUNIPADEL-Padel Court installation guide!

Lamp post installation:

When selecting the location of the lamp posts, the overall lighting needs of the court and the distance between the lamp posts and the fence and pillars must be taken into consideration to prevent the lights from blocking or affecting the players' vision.
Make sure light poles are installed securely and vertically to prevent the fixture from wobbling or tilting, and avoid installation within court boundaries to prevent damage or injury from balls hitting the lighting fixture.
Use weather-resistant lamp and bracket materials to ensure that the lamp posts can withstand various weather conditions and ensure that the lights can illuminate the entire court stably and evenly.

GZUNIPADEL-Padel Court installation guide!

So be sure to follow the installation guidelines and recommendations provided by GZUNIPADEL, use the appropriate tools and equipment, and seek professional help when necessary. Only by ensuring that each component is installed correctly, firmly and stably can the quality and safety of the padel court be guaranteed and a good experience and environment be provided for players and spectators.

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