Comprehensive Panoramic Roofed Padel Court

Like pickleball, padel tennis has also been rapidly popularized around the world in recent years. Together with pickleball, it is called the two fastest-growing new sports in the world in recent years. According to the official statement of the International Padel Tennis Federation (FIP), there are currently more than 25 million padel tennis populations in the world. In the past 5 years, the participation in this sport has doubled. As a sports flooring supplier, we actively promote the development of padel courts and introduce a new concept in it - our panoramic roofed padel courts designed to provide a comprehensive experience to meet the needs of athletes and enthusiasts.

Comprehensive Panoramic Roofed Padel Court

Climate adaptation:

The design with a canopy increases the ability to adapt to different climates for the padel court. The top of the court is covered with a durable awning, which can effectively block the sun and rain, ensuring that the game will not be affected by the weather, so that athletes and fans can enjoy a perfect playing experience at any time. At the same time, this design also provides a comfortable temperature, making the interior of the stadium maintain a pleasant temperature in hot summer and cold winter.


Our panoramic roofed padel courts is not just a simple sports field, but a multi-functional entertainment center. In addition to competitions, various social activities, parties and training courts can be held on the court to attract more people to participate in padel sports. At the same time, we can also add facilities to the stadium, such as gymnasium, rest area and restaurant, making the stadium a complex integrating health, entertainment and social interaction.

Comprehensive Panoramic Roofed Padel Court

Environmental Sustainability:

In the design of the panoramic roofed padel court, we paid high attention to environmental sustainability. The stadium is built with environmentally friendly materials and equipped with energy-saving facilities to minimize resource consumption and impact on the environment. We will also promote the concept of environmental protection and encourage golf court users to take sustainable actions to jointly protect our planet earth.

Technological innovation:

The panoramic roofed padel courts will bring better experience to athletes and spectators with the help of technological innovation. We plan to set up high-definition large screens inside the stadium to broadcast game images and scores in real time to increase the fun of watching games. At the same time, the stadium will also introduce an intelligent scoring system and camera equipment to provide data support and analysis for athletes and help them improve their game level.

Comprehensive Panoramic Roofed Padel Court

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