Chile Club Project

After a 6-hour discussion on the padel project, the communication process between us and the client was full of constructive and in-depth. First, we arrange meetings to meet face-to-face with the client to discuss their needs and expectations. In the meeting, we introduced our padel club proposal in detail, including details of equipment, venue layout, maintenance, etc.

The clients expressed their desire for a club environment emphasizing a friendly, social and competitive atmosphere. We actively listened and provided suggestions such as comfortable seating areas, auditoriums and the addition of an online booking system to improve the user experience.

Chile Club ProjectWe then explained in detail the design and construction process of the padel site, including material selection, construction time, and possible challenges. At this stage, we actively answered the client's questions about design details and budget, and gradually clarified their expectations.

When discussing technical details, we emphasize our team's expertise and experience in padel field construction. We also explore possible customization options with our clients to ensure they get a satisfactory solution.

In the end, we agreed on the contract details, payment method, and project schedule. The client decided to order 12 sets of padel, which shows their confidence in our solution. The entire communication process not only deepened our cooperation with customers, but also made important progress for our project.

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