How to install padel court turf?

Teach you step by step to create your ideal padel court

In the fast-paced modern life, padel tennis, as a popular leisure sport around the world, is loved by more and more people. And to enjoy this sport at home, you may need a padel lawn. Next, I will introduce you step by step how to install padel lawn so that you have a perfect padel court.

How to install padel court turf?

Step 1: Choose the right venue

First, choose a flat and open site, ensuring that the site size meets the standard size of a padel tennis court (20 meters x 10 meters). The ground of the venue should be level and try to avoid cement or other hard surfaces, which will increase sports injuries.

Step 2: Preparation

Clear the site and remove any weeds, rocks or other obstructions. Make sure the playing surface is smooth and clean.

Step 3: Lay the foundation

Lay a layer of gravel about 5 cm thick as the base layer to ensure good drainage on the site. The gravel is then evenly compacted using a roller to ensure a smooth surface.

How to install padel court turf?

Step 4: Install Turf

Choose high-quality artificial turf and lay it on a gravel base according to the size of the site. Make sure the seams of the turf are tight and secure them to the field with artificial turf glue. (Generally we can provide tutorials)

By following the steps above, you can easily create an ideal padel lawn at home to provide you and your friends with an enjoyable place to play sports. Remember to check and maintain your lawn regularly to ensure its long life and good playing experience.

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