Padel courts with roof in Costa Rica

With the help of our company's careful guidance and detailed drawings, the client successfully installed two sets of padel court trellises in Costa Rica. These outdoor trellises not only had a smooth installation process, but also had excellent results, which were highly praised by the client. The high-quality PVC surface material we provided fully demonstrated its superior performance and can effectively withstand strong sunlight and frequent rain.

High-quality material guarantee
PVC surface material is an ideal choice with its excellent durability and protective performance. Whether it is strong ultraviolet radiation or continuous rainfall in the tropical rainforest climate, PVC material can provide reliable protection. This material is not only waterproof and sun-proof, but also anti-ultraviolet and anti-corrosion, ensuring that the trellis remains in good condition under various adverse weather conditions.


Smooth installation process
The client strictly followed the drawings we provided during the installation process, and the whole process was smooth and efficient. This not only proves the accuracy and practicality of our drawing design, but also reflects our professional ability in project guidance. The detailed installation instructions and technical support we provided enabled the client to complete the installation task in a short time, saving a lot of time and labor costs.


Good use experience
After the installation, the client was very satisfied with the use of the padel trellis. The outdoor scaffolding provides excellent sunshade and rain protection for the court, allowing the court to maintain good use in any weather conditions. The client said that the scaffolding not only improves the practicality and comfort of the court, but also enhances the overall aesthetics, making it an ideal place for local sports enthusiasts. Now that the padel has been installed, the court can be put into use!

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